Tyre Fitting

 Your vehicle’s tyres are essential for safe driving. They’re the only link between your vehicle and the road!

“With the contact area of the tyre and the road being no bigger than the palm of your hand, you can see how critical it is to have good tyres, especially in wet weather”, says owner Simon Negus.

“Every day when I stop at the traffic lights, I see yet another car with dangerous tyres, either bald or very badly worn. Most people are completely unaware of the condition of their tyres and how unsafe their vehicle is.

“We have the equipment and expertise to arrange the supply, fit, balance and alignment of a wide range of quality brand tyres at competitive prices. Including 4wd all terrain tyres.

“Many of our customers choose to have their tyres replaced at the same time their car is booked in for a service. It saves them time and money having to shop around and find another day out of their busy week to get new tyres fitted.”

Here are some helpful tips to be aware of to maintain your vehicle’s tyres.

Are your tyres safe? Pop in for a FREE tyre check today, or call us to discuss your tyre needs on 9240 2996.