Q Can you provide a quote?

A Please be aware we do not provide quotes, but rather provide ESTIMATES for service and repairs. This is based on the information the customer has requested and/or provided to us. From time to time, when we actually visually inspect the vehicle and commence works, it is not uncommon for other issues to present that neither party was aware of prior. Many factors can impact on the final price including; service history, how many kms the vehicle has driven, how old it is, the make and model of the vehicle, availability of parts (genuine or aftermarket), how the vehicle has been stored and driven, previous works and maintenance for example. Before we can provide an estimate we require your vehicle rego/number plate, the VIN, or chassis number, the year, make and model, diesel or petrol, engine size eg 2.5 L.

Providing estimates for repairs takes time and numerous calls to suppliers and/or research for parts avail. For this reason and due to our current busy work load, it may take a week to get back to you with an estimate. Where we have estimated repairs of $2,000 and above, we request a 50% deposit be paid upfront so we may commence works. 


Q Are you a local, family owned business?

A We're a small, family owned, independent business: having operated our business in Balcatta for over 20 years. My wife works along side and we're supported by a small, friendly and professional team of people.

 Q Do you carry out new car servicing?

A Yes we do and we won't void your new car warranty either!

Q What does your car service include?

A  We service all makes and model of vehicles, but specialise in 4wd/Suv vehicles up to 10 years of age.

We don’t offer a minor or major service. We offer a standard service where we carry out a comprehensive check on your car and report back to you with anything that may need attention now (typically brakes, lights, or tyres, safety related), or that can wait until the next service. 

Our services for everyday passenger cars like a Toyota Corolla, Mazda, Hyundai Getz and small to midsize SUVs like a Kia Sorrento, Ford Escape, Kluger 2wd, Mazda CX3 includes 4L of oil (typically Castrol oil) and an oil filter.

We follow a checklist which is very comprehensive and this includes looking at your tyres, brakes, electrical systems, battery charge, washers, wipers, lights, suspension steering, fluids, engine, oil leaks, gear box and more. We test drive your vehicle (in some instances twice).

Larger 4WD vehicles (petrol and diesel) services include 5.5L of oil and an oil filter. But the same comprehensive check (as outlined above) is carried out.

NB It takes longer to carry out a thorough 4WD service. Some 4WDs take up to 11 L of oil, have a transfer case and diff to check, or even an additional battery. Quite often 4WDs have shafts that need re-greasing.

The actual final price of the service can depend upon what oil is used (or specified to be used by the manufacturer), whether it is synthetic (more expensive normally), whether genuine parts have been used, what is required at the specific log book service eg new fuel or air filter, brake fluid flush for example.

Any additional costs associated with a service maybe related to items such as replacing windscreen wipers (if split/worn or not clearing screen - especially critical in winter months), replacing globes (brake, headlight, park, number plate or indicator globes which are out),  an air or cabin filter (if filthy, dust clogged and no longer fit for purpose).

We replace these items only if needed.

Q What kind of repairs do you carry out?

A  We offer a wide range of mechanical repairs (and carry out most (not all) of our own electrical repairs. Dependent upon the nature of the repair required, we may recommend you visit an auto electrician. Check out our Service and Repairs link under About Us or our 4wd repairs under Services heading.

Q Do you service Hybrid and Electric Vehicles?

A Yes we do. 

Q Can you carry out an air con service and re-gas on my car?

A Yes, we're licensed to service, repair and re-gas your vehicle’s AC system. We even have  an Ozone Treatment machine which helps to eradicate foul smells, odors, harmful bacteria in your vehicle. Find out more about this on our AC page link.

Q Can you supply and fit a new car battery for me?

A Yes we can. We can provide a wide range of quality Bosch and other brand car and marine grade, deep cycle batteries for your car, 4WD, caravan, or boat. Our customers can also pop in and get a FREE battery check. Best to call first on 9240 2996 as we may have to specially order your Bosch battery. This normally can be delivered on same day, or next. 

Q Do you supply and fit tyres?

A Yes we do. We supply, fit, balance and align a wide variety range of quality brand AT, commercial and regular passenger vehicle tyres at competitive prices. If you know in advance you need new tyres, please provide us with your vehicle’s tyre size (ie the numbers listed on the side wall of your tyres eg 255/65/17), whether you require a 4WD AT, or on road Hwy tyre, load rating, any brand preferences (should you have them) at the time of booking, so we may get some prices for you and order the tyres in advance.

Q What are your business hours?

A  We’re open Monday to Friday only from 8 am to 5.30 pm. However, we’re normally here later to cater for our customers who may be running a little late after work to collect their car. We are not open weekends as this is typically family time.

Q Can I drop my car off earlier than 8 am?

A  Sure. We have a Contactless Service Sign ie Early Bird Lock and Drop facility available for shift workers, or customers who want to drop their car off earlier than 8 am. Just remove any valuables from your car, lock it up and drop your car keys down the hole in the wall next to the arrow sign. Just let us know at time of booking, you will be dropping it off early. Please ensure your keys have gone all the way into and through the hole in the wall.

Q Do you service LPG vehicles?

A Yes we do. But few and far between these days.

Q Do you fit 4WD accessories?

A We do not supply, or fit 4wd accessories such as roo bars, roof racks, winches, tow bars etc, but do fit Safari snorkels.

Q Do you have a loan car available to use?

A Yes we do. They’re not fancy, but are reliable and clean. They cost $22 inc gst for the day, or for the time it takes for us to repair your car. This helps us pay for our ongoing maintenance costs, insurance cover, registration and licensing fees etc so that we may continue to make them available to our customers. We also request our customers replace the fuel they use, so as not to leave it empty for the next customer. Customers under the age of 25yrs are not able to drive our loan cars due to insurance requirements.

Q Do you have specialized equipment and scan tools?

A Yes we do. We have professional industry  equipment and scan tools to enable us to speak to most vehicle computer systems and complete service and repair work at a high standard? NB in some instances our equipment may not be able to access a vehicle's computer system. In these instances we may direct you to go to directly to the manufacturer, or dealer for them to undertake a scan.

Q Do you offer FREE battery, tyre, brake and fluid checks?

A Yes, we do. We're happy to carry out visual checks for you in our driveway. Best to call 9240 2996 first to book a time to come in for us to check these items for you.