Why does my car's air conditioning smell?

Primarily there are two main reasons for the bad odour you can smell in your car when your air conditioner is turned on.

The build up of mildew and mould. The moisture taken out of the air we breath inside the car must go somewhere and water droplets can deposit on the evaporator core on the instrument panel and over time provides the perfect damp environment for mildew, mould, fungi spores and bacteria to grow.  This can be extremely harmful to our health and especially to those of us who suffer for allergies, asthma etc.

A clogged and dusty cabin filter. The cabin filters job is to filter dust, pollen and other allergens through it so to help purify the air we breathe in the car. If it is blocked, it fails to do its job and the moisture trapped in the filter is a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew and fungi spores. When you turn on your AC the foul air blows out of the vents and we breathe it into our lungs. Not a very healthy situation. 

So stop that bad smell in its track and kill those harmful bacteria! 

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