In particular, we wanted to get a better insight into their concerns, or worries when taking their car into a mechanic.

Sadly, this included: trust, honesty, quality of work, price, up-selling, fear of being ripped off, being lied to, qualifications and experience. They wished it wasn't so hard to find a good mechanic who could do the repairs and not just simply replace parts. Who they felt confident knew what they were doing and did it well.  

Needless to say it's rather disheartening and not a positive reflection on our auto service and repair industry at all.  We can only imagine this negative perception has come from many people having had poor experiences over the years with auto mechanics. But the reality is, in every industry you will find some less than desirable businesses and unsatisfactory customer service experiences. Fortunately, there are many good mechanics who want to do the right thing by their customers and we're proud to say we're one of them. 

This is what our customers see as the major benefits in bringing their car to Negus Auto Services, 4WD Service Centre, Balcatta.

  • Feel their car is safe.
  • Feel confident we have done what we said we did.
  • Customer is welcomed back.
  • Cost
  • Your experience and knowledge.
  • I leave with confidence.
  • Clean workshop and professional.
  • I can trust you guys.
  • Feel you're honest.
  • No bullshit.
  • We're buying your experience.
  • Friendly bunch of people.
  • There are mechanics all too willing to add on fictitious parts and problems with unsuspecting customers (especially women), but I can say 100% that your husband is genuine. Simon's and his team's honesty and integrity is outstanding.
  • Unsuspecting customers being over charged for parts and labor. But Simon is very fair and your upfront honesty is fantastic. He takes time to explain things properly and is reliable.