About Bosch Car Service history

Did you know that Bosch Car Service is celebrating its 100th Birthday in 2021. It is also the world's leading supplier to vehicle manufacturers, plus the largest independent automotive component manufacturer in the world? No? Well read on.

There's more to Bosch than just power tools. Learn more about Bosch history here by viewing these videos.

A look at Bosch Car Service history


  • Robert Bosch, founder of the Bosch Company was born in Southern Germany in 1861. As a teenager he undertook an apprenticeship as a precision mechanic and then worked for a number of companies in Germany, USA and the UK.
  • In 1886 he opened his first workshop, an electrical equipment installation factory in Germany with one engineer and one apprentice. The Company soon expanded and when he invented the magneto ignition device in 1887 his business became a real success story as an automotive supplier. Since this time Bosch has expanded and become the world leader in making and supplying automotive parts.
  • In 1906, Robert Bosch became the first employer in Germany to introduce the 8 hr working day which allowed the introduction of a two shift operation and increased the free time and productivity of his employees.
  • Bosch has been producing automotive products for over 100 years and is highly respected for its quality, innovation and technical competence.
  • The Bosch group has around 283,000 staff in 150 countries. Annually, Bosch spends around 8% of its sales revenue on research and development and applies for 3,000 patents worldwide.
  • Bosch produced its first spark plug nearly 100 years ago and today manufacture more than 1 million spark plugs per day. 
  • The Bosch Service Network is the largest network of independent workshops in the world. Australia and New Zealand forms part of the Bosch global network. All up there is around 13,000 workshops worldwide and growing. Check out this video about Bosch Car Service.
  • Bosch Car Service workshops must pass a rigorous evaluation process to qualify for membership and follow the Bosch Car Service code of conduct. Likewise, Bosch Car Service mechanics must attend Bosh Excellence Technical training to keep up with the latest trends in automotive service and repairs.