Mechanical Services and Repairs

Negus Auto Services, Balcatta, provides comprehensive auto mechanical and electrical repairs and service on all makes and models including 4WDs.Below are some of our more common services and/or repair work. For a more detailed list of what we do see Our Services on our Home Page.

In some instances prices may not be listed next to a service. For more detailed information or an estimate, send us an email, use the online estimate form, or call 9240 2996.

New Car Log Book Service - Call 9240 2996 for an Estimate

Many people believe they must have their new car serviced by the dealer who sold them the car in order for their manufacturer's warranty to remain valid. You can enjoy all the advantages of choosing your local mechanic while being assured that your car is being serviced according the manufacturer's specifications using quality parts and lubricants.

Not only will your car be serviced to the highest specification, but you won't have to pay dealership prices. Give us a call today on 9240 2996 to book your log book service.

Standard Service - from $175

Keeping your car serviced is important to prolong its life and keep it running efficiently. At Negus Auto Services we care for your car. Here are 7 More Reasons to choose us.

In addition to up to 4 L new oil and filter, we check:

  • all electrical systems (including air-conditioning)
  • wipers and washers
  • hoses
  • battery and alternator
  • all fluid levels, including coolant and brake fluid
  • transmission
  • tune of vehicle
  • steering, suspension and tyres
  • brakes are also checked and adjusted where required

Your vehicle is test driven and you will be provided with recommendations for any additional work (if required immediately, or in the future).

*Additional costs maybe incurred for specialist oils, parts and/or filters if required. *Additional costs will be incurred for 4WDs, commercial and/or European vehicles

Brake Service and Repair - from $145

Keeping your brakes working at 100% is vital for your safety and the safety of other road users. Negus Auto Services can keep them working efficiently using quality brake parts including Bosch, Bendix and other brands.

Disc Brake Service (from $145)*

Drum Brake Service (POA)

*Additional costs maybe incurred for disc and drum machining, repacking wheel bearings (where required), 4WDs, imported and commercial vehicles.

Clutch Repairs - Call 9240 2996 for an estimate

We can generally diagnose what the problem is with your clutch by asking you some specific questions over the phone.

Call Negus Auto Services today to discuss your clutch problems.

Air Conditioning - from $180

Western Australia is a hot place and air conditioning is a must. If you're having problems with your air con we'll service, repair and regas it to help keep you cool this summer.

Air conditioning systems run on greenhouse gases. To be licensed to service vehicle air conditioning systems, we have met strict requirements of the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) in storing and handling these gases.

Most systems hold approx 600 grams of gas. Any additional amounts required will incur an extra charge. Please note that since the introduction of the carbon tax air conditioning gas prices have trippled!

Radiators and Cooling Systems

We've all seen cars by the side of the road with steam gushing from under the bonnet. Don't let this happen to you - get your cooling system serviced by Negus Auto Services.

We offer a range of services for radiators and cooling systems including radiator repairs, water pump replacement hose replacement and cooling system flushes.

Electronic Tuning and Fault Diagnosis - from $115

Electronic Tuning

Is your engine or other warning lights staying on? Ask The Car Doctor.

Our NEW Bosch vehicle electronic system analyser allows us to conduct comprehensive vehicle electronic analysis of your vehicle. This means reduced fuel costs and lower emissions over the life span of your car.

Using the latest Bosch tuning and diagnostic equipment we can examine how your engine runs and make the adjustments necessary to keep it operating at 100% efficiency. Supported by Bosch, the largest manufacturer of automotive electronic components and systems.

Fuel System Service - from $160

Carbon tune, cleans injectors, engine valves and combustion chamber of harmful carbon deposits. Improves performance and fuel economy. Environmentally friendly.

Automatic Transmission Oil Change and Flush - from $120

The modern day transmission is one of the most highly sophisticated components of the vehicle. It works with a combination of electrical and mechanical components bathed in oil. It is vital to change the oil at regular intervals, particularly if you are towing trailers, caravans or boats. It is recommended this is done every 24 months or 40 000 km.

*Additional costs maybe incurred for specialist oils, transmission gasket and filter, additional transmission oil if required in the flushing process.

Pre-purchase Inspection from $170

Buying a used car can be a daunting experience. You don't want to be buying someone else's problems. For most people it is hard to judge the mechanical condition of a car - they simply lack the expertise.

Before you purchase your next car get Negus Auto Services to look over the vehicle for peace of mind. Checklist and report provided.

*Additional costs maybe incurred for 4WDs, commercial, imported and late model vehicles.
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